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 Mercyful fate Mercyful fateрок-группа

Black Funeral

Halloween is the night

The legend says the ghost will rise

On Halloween they can't redeem

A restless soul from an ancient scene

At the sound of the demon bell

Everything will burn to Hell

Rise... rise... rise... It's Halloween

Rise... rise... The ghost will rise

Reconciled with the powers of darkness

He'll uncover a saint

You won't believe? See for yourself

I hear a bell

A sound from Hell, the demon bell

I see a lightin' shadow in between the graves

Swinging his sword of hate towards the gates of Heaven

"Beelzebub, Astaroth...Bring me the Devil"

And as he says these words I can't believe my eyes

Upon a burnin' cross

The "Lord't Jesus, Satan's above

It must be a shame

To see the Lord fallin' again

Now rise, reconcile with the powers of darkness

Uncover a saint

You better believe or see for yourself

Mercyful fate

Black Funeral / Mercyful fate

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