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Yeah. Yo yo yo yo.


Last Temptation.

Coming through now niggas.

Its a problem.

It's a problem.

Always has been. (Ja laughing).

Yo Buck turn me up a lil bit in my mother fuckin head phones and shit.


Let these niggas know.

They don't know.

Mother fuckers ya'll want war with the God.

Cmon ya'll know better.

I'll put holes in your leather reknit your sweater and I'll bet the flows

wetter on ocean front property.

Better come at me properly, niggas better up off of me.

But I believe I'm scared to clap hammers and the fact that I'm unpredictable

gives me the advantage.

What the fuck am I speaking spanish niggas when I got to tell ya'll in detail

how we murder niggas.

Handle your business. The Inc is religious. Murders the sacrifce. We throwin

M's niggas that means murder for life.

And I'm die for that red and black. That house with the chedda stack and the

smiles from my kids faces. What could replace this?

This lil nigga here that come to grip with death can taste it. My airs thick

and filled with hatred.

Surprised at the look in my eyes, well don't be I'm just following the foots of

the lord that made me.

If I go crazy the same, Imma blame it on the world for what I became cuz they

gave me all the fame and the money man. Made me an icon, so the world could

catch a nigga with his lights on.

Thats the pros and cons. You're never quite free. But just give me a lil room

so I can breath.

And my pain gonna be the death for me.

But to be loved is my destiny, my black people.

(Ja laughs)

Yeah. We out. Holla.

Джа Рул

Destiny / Джа Рул

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