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I Hate Niggaz (Skit)

Ja Rule- It must be the way that I spit shit

That make you say damn this nigga ridiculous

The way I hit 'em and move nigga I can't lose

Inconspicuous incognito niggas ain't ready

For whoever who has the flow nigga know I spit deadly

Fear me to the day I'm dead on the street with holes in me

The ghettos got love for me cuz ima lay for 'em

If I have to gradually down or after The only fib be love and disaster

Tears before laughter but who gonna cry?

My style be so touchin' nigga wipe yo eye!

Get used to obvious lies and dead wise guys

and any bitch niggaz feel they fuckin wit my's

C'mon let's get it on, to the break in the dawn,

before long if you wrong you be dead and gone

And now i'm the bomb to clarify my name in vain

What you thought motherfuckers I was playin? Baby I hit 'em all (Chorus)

Jay-Z and Ja Rule- Load 'em all be tonight Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em

For as long as I'm a alive Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em

I want my piece of the pie Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em

Expect my's to the day of my demise Baby Ima Hit 'em all

Thinkin' its a game Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em

Show 'em I ain't playin' Ima Hit 'em Hit 'em

For operatin' like planes Im a Hit 'em Hit 'em Hit 'em Hit 'em

Baby I kill 'em all whatcha wanna do with this nigga nuthin so shut the fuck up

And learn somethin' see my team can get a whole town gamin'

Give it up we even take the small change

Nigga yeah uh you think my way of life fucked up right?

Till you live it and the cash gets to eattin at yo spirit

Fear it you be a broke nigga, you near it,

you be the next nigga,never have to go back and been it

Cold stares thought you need a killa 'round here


Джа Рул

I Hate Niggaz (Skit) / Джа Рул

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