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 Джа Рул Джа Рулхип-хоп исполнитель

The Life

(feat. Hussein Fatal, Caddillac Tah, James Gotti)

[Intro - Hussein Fatal - talking]

[woman - harmonizing in background]

Yeah my nigga Rule, Hussein Fatal

The outlaw don in this piece motherfucker

I want to welcome y'all niggaz back to the streets (it's alright!)

You's confused for a minute but here we are

My nigga Cad in this motherfucker

I got my niggaz man, them bricks (finish bitch!)

Ride out nigga

Uh, yeah

[Break - Ja Rule (Hussein Fatal talks over Break)]

The life, the life (the life, the life)

The life, the life (the life, the life)

The life, the life (the life, the life)

[Verse 1 - Ja Rule]

Yo, what up world, it's Rule public enemy number one

it's cool, my new best friend is my pistol

And anybody that want it or got jewels run it

and end over your head, don't make me gun butt it

Do you like Manolo, put two in your stomach

And flash the burner on bitches like stacks of hundreds

I'm livin my life (my life), what gets better than ice in hell

When you cookin up coke to sell

It be the little statistics, some pictures, some prints

Some informants to get the operation pitched

We enormous, some would say the "Inc." is "Murderous"

You don't want us to strap up and bang the strip

But if need be, we'll bang out like Bloods and Crips

Styrofoam the noozles and extend the clips

Murder meets gangsta shit

And all my niggaz that live it from hood to hood bang to this, nigga


Джа Рул

The Life / Джа Рул

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