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The Inc.

[Caddillac Tah talking]

Yo, that's right

Niggas just ain't, doin' it how we doin' it

Nah mean son? I G

[Chorus (2X)]

Murder INC.

Takin' flight

We go hard

Betta get it right

[Caddillac Tah]

We go hard! yeah

Player not for nuttin'

I spit fo' and leave a nigga bent up fo' sho', get low

Only got love for gangsta niggas, get doe

That's for all the hatin' niggas waitin' to see me go

Down to the bottom

Chop up crack

Playin' the blocks and

Still wouldn't matter, push the rock well like Stockton

Paper chasin', chasin' acres

Operation get rich, take money over a bitch

You see me move low in the six and magazines a flicks

Playin' hard in the porch, plush

Young thuggin' and bossed up

Touch niggas clutchin' what they know they bustin'

We can do whatever nigga, whenever nigga

Really is nothing

Murder killa, we crush 'em, shit

Got the industry on romadon

While we celebrate tastin' bottles of Perinon

So for life it's murder

Ice burners, stacks and trucks

We after bucks, mother fucker!

Murder INC.

[Black Child]

Murder INC.'s the underdog

It's a blessin' to ball

We learn a lesson from y'all

How not to fall

Black Child will body a beat, this is airway robbery

When Murder INC. drop albums, that's when gangstas party

What chu know about Ferrari or Cadillac Escalade

Or bitches on Ecstasy, sexy

Eat, sleep, eat and watch freaks eat freaks

Throw it up, put it down for the streets

Who wouldn't fall in love, with a life like this

Hittin' hoes that's priceless

In tight icebergs shit

You can blame the drugs

It ai

Джа Рул

The Inc. / Джа Рул

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