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Story to Tell

Aiyyo yo yo yo

All y'all niggaz

C'mon! Yo gather round

Lay it up I got a story to tell

All y'all niggaz gather round

Hear this, hear this

Listen up I got a story to tell

Huh, listen up I got a story to tell

Yeah, yeah, all y'all niggaz

Listen up I got a story to tell

C'mere, c'mere hear this, hear this

Listen up I got a story to tell

Yo, it's widespread

Thoroughbred, shockingly took two to the head

Knowledge me God, the shit I'm bout to holler is hard

From start, this little nigga had a hell of a heart

His pops, bangin that shit in his arms, broken

A young mind distorted emotions, is there an upside?

His brother got murdered up North by nietas

My ma, battlin, cancer, of the colon

At the tender age of thirteen, watchin his world close in

Blood damn near frozen, from a heart so cold

It ain't pumpin out the love no mo', and I feel that

Cause God, when you really need it, where the love at?

That's why a lot of niggaz got more faith in they gat

Freeze that like a photo, take it with you and know

This lil' nigga bout to kill all comers for cash flow

His role model, the heat, cause it runs streets

His motto: 'Nobody eats but me!'

Finally this young thug turned pro

Used to show love now he got nuttin but hatred and foes

Five-double-oh's, hoes so deep

He the type of nigga that got it and break down a key

Remember me? J to the A, R-U-L, E baby

Smell the beef, and continue to uhh, give 'em hell

Fill they bodies with shells and leave niggaz

with a story to tell, uh-huh

Listen up I got a story to tell

On the streets we got guns and drugs for sale

Cause you hoes know the game that we play is real

Keep your mind on the money and y

Джа Рул

Story to Tell / Джа Рул

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