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Love Me, Hate Me

Do you love me, do you hate me

Do you love me, do you hate me

Do you love me, do you hate me

Yeah, yeah

This world loves me, this world loves me not

I'm torn between the best of both cuz I'm hot

In this game so brittely, literaly

I got niggaz wanna riddle me, get rid of me

R-U-L-E, need I say more?

World, hope y'all prepared for the chaos

Cuz y'all want the beast in me, so I'ma give it

Paint pictures vivid, live high as a spirit

Y'all can all jump in it

That's what you might as well do

If you gonna live life timid

And I ain't never been intiminated

Believe me, and I don't wanna fuckin breath easy

I wanna make it hard for these niggaz

So when they can't stand me

I'ma make it so these niggaz can't feed they family

Now do you love me, or do you hate me?

C'mon and get me, I keep it off safety


Do you love me

Do you hate me

Ready or not

Here I come

There's nuthin but love spread between me and my niggaz

We bust guns together and fuck so many bitches

But I know that Hell is callin

In the name of the lord just let a nigga in

Cuz I ain't done nuthin wrong, but love thy self

And harm other niggaz that wanna stop my health

Is that healthy?

Cuz love'll never be hand over hand

It's man versus man

It's Murda

If I'm gonna be hated or to be loved

I prefer ta live wild and die from slugs

What you want from me?

Lord I'm only a human

Tho I bear your name, I'm a devil in chains

Release me, cuz Lord only knows it ain't easy

When I'm scarred for life, I know that he sees me

Now do you love me nigga

Or do you hate me nigga

C'mon and get me


Джа Рул

Love Me, Hate Me / Джа Рул

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