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Lost Little Girl

[Ja Rule]

Yeah, uh, Ja Rule uh uh uh

Here to talk about the lost one

It's a damn shame

Fuckin Shakin that ass, Shakin that ass, yo, huh

[Chorus: Ja Rule]

Lost little girl

I seen how love can turn to lust inside a

Lost little girl

I seen how pain can turn to trust within a

Lost little girl

She can get a man to do anything but she's a

Lost little girl

This sexy thing is only 17 and she's a

Lost little girl

[Verse 1: Ja Rule]

I admit I get a lot of love from women

It's only cause if i put that thug lovin in them

It's hard as a mitten

Gotta hit the club and bang out

Song after song till I end up in the wrong route

Tank top, sweat it out

Where she's shakin that ass shakin that ass

And got her breast pressed to the glass

Strobe lights flashin

That X is kickin in

And I'm orderin the chrissy open bottles of tin

On our stairway to heaven baby bring a friend

putaya sayin, fuck in a stretch benz

You know me I like it wet, rode slowly

By the way baby, how old is you codie

You lookin a little young to me

And how many you had that girl on, two or three

It's a damn shame

But she coulda had the world

And now she's nothing more than a


[Verse 2: Ja Rule]

Chill little girl put up in a world of confusion

Pop was abusin one of gods children

Can't wait for losin my soul is dead

And she's feelin like her worth is between her legs

She start fucking niggas and learn to show'em respect

They a father figure she honor love and protect

To your down ass bitch

One you could cuddle up and wile out with

We call it thug love

Hot sex and hard

Джа Рул

Lost Little Girl / Джа Рул

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