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Dial M For Murder

[Ja Rule]

Gotti, here we go again, yo..

Two two-nine and seventy-six, get off my dick, niggaz I'm born

The future problem's, kickin and carryin on

Cause I got blood in my lungs and can't breathe, just conceived

And a nigga already fixin to leave

this ungodly world - and to think, I got a baby girl

to raise, in this deadly era of AIDS

Just yesterday we were slaves, and good friends

Now that we got ends that don't meet niggaz we will meet again

I wanna know why, the shit gets said

The shit gets wrote, the shit gets read, motherfuckers get fed

I shed a tear for my ride or die, cause thugs cry

And the truth'll shatter niggaz pride like cold lies

Can I live? Dog, why you wanna stop the Rule from risin?

And I G for me, surprise and growl

at the young that you called a liar

Now I'm the king of this jungle, no more denyin

Talk to the iron if you wanna holla, I'll pop at you

Probably, piercin your bone when you poppin your collar

Cause this is, pain over love, my style's brain on drugs

Yo' style's can't catch up to Rule niggaz whassup?


[Chorus: Ja Rule]

When the gun blows, and the shots fall

When the smoke clears, we'll be right here

Screamin murder (murda!) Know it's murder (murda!)

Murder (fuck y'all!) We'll be right here (you hear?)

When the gun blows (c'mon!) and the shots fall (c'mon!)

When the smoke clears (murda!) we'll be right here (murda!)

Screamin murder (yeah!) Know it's murder (yeah!)

Murder - we'll be right here - cause it's.. MURDER!!!!

[Ja Rule]

Yeah.. yeah..

M'uhfuckers y'all want problems, c'mon, I'm the nigga to give 'em

Niggaz don't want none of the Rule they

Джа Рул

Dial M For Murder / Джа Рул

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