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Days Go By

When you light that funny cigarette

Would you pass it back to me

I'm feeling a little down and out

And it'll keep me company

I'm just a long lost sinner

Living life here on the line

I'll give it right back to you

I know it's not really mine

Now don't put it out, not right yet

It's burning pretty good

Maybe I'll have one more toke

You think I should

OO-oo, days go by

I just sit around and get real high

OO-oo, what a glow

I just hang out, they come and go

Hey, the walls are starting to move

The floor is way down there

What a buzz it is

There's electricity in the air

Boy, I'm feeling really gone

I'm feeling really cool

I think I'll have another one

I'm just another fool

You know they say it's illegal

But what isn't these days

No matter what you do

There'll be somebody on your case

OO-oo, days go by

It just seems like I sit around and get high

OO-oo, shame on me

They're going to put me in a penitentiary

I must not be together

Look at the shape I'm in

I just know people are saying

Days Go By /

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