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I Am Of The Serpent

"You all are flesh that hath of my blood appear'd

Your words to me bespoken hath the eery clash

with light betokened"

Where all pagan paths cross

Where all olden warriors


And torrents collide

Thitherwards I turn my feet

The Welkin's tongue - thundering swords

The Earth's tongue - beast's shriek

(My mother tongue)

That I spake when Rus' was born

Immortalized for their thousandbrave rites

Ancestors glorious rise from the sea

Their dagger-sharp voices pronounce words of


Beryhm'd in legends old

Soul of Wolf and Raven

Again as in times of


Soul of Wolf and Raven

Zmei Ognennyi Wolk

Soul of Wolf and Raven

We call to Thee

Soul of Wolf and Raven

The one who guideth as at war

Thousandfac'd serpent leadeth us unto war

Beclouded stare of His bale-burning eyes

Of all Heathen temples revealing the lore

Beryhm'd in legends old

"The time that holdeth all times shalt out of fog


The millenial dreams of false light by my


shalt be scorch'd"

Wolves aflame

We shall stalk thro' sylvian monoliths

Ravens valorous

We shall fly o'er deepest seas

Serpents unseen

We shall

crawl into open mouths

In the heart of hearts of the white plague

Our host - the armours by grim runes enforc'd

The htonic horde hath for vengeance return'd

Ire-storming hiss shalt be hear'd from inside

Their demise shalt be my breathren and I

I Am Of The Serpent /

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