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Llego Mz Brown Eyez

Mz Brown Eyez ya llego

to the fullest represent

so la reina de tus suenos

y te traigo el poder

tengo el rythem and the moves

hitting steps into your grounds

step aside im coming thru

knocking hynas all around.

So let me hit it suavecito

y te enseno how it goes

let me show you suavecito

how my body works with flow

its like when you looked into my eyes

and i please all your desires

the reflection of your looks

was my passion burning fire

so i gave you what you need

and i let you know wuts up

while you vowed down on your knees

just to ley you hit the spot..

Its my time ro arise

let you know spin the tables

in the best fuck the rest

and you know that im better

Mz Brown Eyez has arrived

representing one time!!!!

tell them the queen has arrived!!

Im the baddest so wut!!!

Llego Mz Brown Eyez /

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