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 Manilla Road Manilla Roadрок-группа

Heavy Metal to the World

A fair and stately palace

Gone mad within itself

No life around the forest

Circling the monarch's realm

The curse of generations

Upon the Usher clan

Turned life to desolation

Laid waste to fruitful land

Haunted Palace

Sacrificial blood stains

The family born to fall

Never to break evil's chains

Brought forth by ancient call

Distortion of the senses

Damnation of the soul

The palace of the breathless

Where death's bell takes it's toll

Haunted Palace

Destruction of Foundations

Both of the mind and mass

Caused by incantations

Of family members past

Inner plane disturbance

Crumbling every wall

Tormented by existence

The Haunted Palace falls

Haunted Palace

Manilla Road

Heavy Metal to the World / Manilla Road

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