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Mr. Strangeways walks down the road

On his way to work

Though he's dressed in crazy clothes

He hasn't gone berserk

You see, Mr. Strangeways is a funny little man

He's not like you and me

He runs a little curio shop

With his wife named, Emily

His customers are just as strange

They've come to purchase dreams

They come and go, day in, day out

Endless as it seems

You see, Mr. Strangeways is a funny little man

He knows it all, you see

He'll fix you up with what-ta you want

Too bad it's make-believe!

Mr. Strangeways, strange

Mr. Strangeways

Ah, ahh, ahhh

Thought I'd take a walk down there

'Cause I've a broken heart

I told him all about little you

He said, "let's make a start"

Mr. Strangeways, sell me a dream

Mr. Strangeways, any old thing

Mr. Strangeways, make me feel bright

Mr. Strangeways.


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