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Ubi Sunt...

Can you hear the stories

Told by the melody of horns

Can you see the swords

Shiny like evening stars

Can you see the horses

Running like morning breeze

In the fires of battle

Death called lords and servants

Brave warriors sleeps

The long-lasting sleep

Underneath the earth

Where the great river's bank

Was the colour of mother's tears

Wake up you heroes of forgotten days

Arise you valiant warriors

It's time to fight, the night descends

Saddle your horses

And blow the horns

Ahead Slavonic tribe

Mothers don't waste your tears in vain

As the warrior who's gone was bold

And death he met the noble way

Out on the battlefield

Over his grave far away in the woods

Let women bow down their heads

Cause men are called

By the mighty horns

To go back and fight again

Ubi Sunt... /

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