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Riddle Of Steel

Intently I watch

The sacred fire on my

Weather beaten face

I feel it's glow

My hand gives steel

The shape of the sword

That will turn my son

into a hero

Scops will praise him in

their legends

Bards will praise him in their songs

Eagles will wield it

To high skies

The day has come for

My son to learn

The riddle of steel

The day when his fate is done

When the heritage is

Given to him

I swear by all our gods and by their

Holy laws that I shall obey the

Discipline of steel whose

Secret i've learnt from you your words

Will make me strong should weakness

Or doubt arise I turn my eyes

To the overwhelming majesty

Of the snowy peaks stabbing gloomy

Clouds my fathers sword in my hand

The blood sears in my veins

By my heritage by my legacy to you my father

I swear to guard the secret of steel that

Fills warrior's heart with might

Oh father that called me to this

World should this be your will

I'll obey

This proves how worthy I am

Oh my ancestors glory and fame

Thunder behind me glory ahead

Nothing can drag me away from the gods' path

Shown by my father for I am the man

Whose heart is the heart of steel

Riddle Of Steel /

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