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You're Stupid and Smelly,

You're Stomach, Like Jelly.

You look bad, You Have Had

More Luck with, your own dad.

Don't want ya, Don't need ya,

your face looks like pizza.

Everyone, Hates your smell

You're big as a Motel, 6,


When you see your

shadow, even you

call it fatso

You Think That You're

our Boss, But Really

You're just__HOSS.

When You Sit in a Chair

You see all your back hair

your nose is a gold mine,

it resembles a pig or swine.

yeah a pig or a swine...

yeah a pig or a swine.



you don't have any friends,

you've come to the end

you say you have a pal

Well I think that's just swell

you're a lying sack of crud

you play in the mud.

You're never gonna score

you pretend that you're a whore.

yeah you're never gonna score...

No you're never gonna score

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