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[Ron:] Busted! It's two 'O damn clock in the mornin', where you been?

[JS:] Baby didn't you get my two-way? I was with my girfriends.

[Ron:] You a lie! I called Kiesha and Tanya and they were both at home.

[JS:] But I didn't say them though.

[Ron:] But them the only friends I know. Girl you better-

[JS:] Wait, before you get all upset here's the truth.

[Ron:] Talk to me.

[JS:] I was with my girl when she got some bad news.

[Ron:] And?

[JS:] Her man cheated had her upset and confused.

[Ron:] But baby what's that got to do with you comin' in at two?

[JS:] I'm tellin' you! Now she was so upset she asked me to stay with her

[Ron:] Well, why didn't your ass just pick up the phone and call me?

[JS:] I was gonna do that, but it slipped my mind I'm sorry. But I'm tellin' you the truth.

[Ron:] Yeah well I got somethin' for you tell me, what's her name?

[JS:] Sharon.

[Ron:] Where does she live?

[JS:] Uh....

[Ron:] The man's name?

[JS:] Billy.

[Ron:] She got kids?

[JS:] I think one or two.

[Ron:] She got kids?!

[JS:] Baby, yes. No.

[Ron:] That's one thing I gotta know.

How the hell is she your friend if you don't know if she got kids?

Go upstairs


pack your bags

(cause you busted)

while you at it


call a cab.

(cause you busted)

It's obvious


you're playin' around

(cause you busted)

Go upstairs and get your sh*t and get the f*ck up outta here

[JS:] Frank, please hear me out.

[Ron:] Ain't nothin to talk about.

[JS:] I can explain everything.

[Ron:] Right now I want you out this house.

[JS:] Baby, please, one more chance. Let me tell you where I've been

[Ron:] We

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