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Gone Are the Days

1-All this tine I thought that you were but you're not

You didn't have to give 'cause I gave a lot

2-I was trying to make it work but you only made it worse

The more I try to speak, the less that I get hurt

When you tell me nothing's wrong (the way)

You told me for so long

If only it were true, I'll give it all to you


But how, how can I be sure?

Oh how, how can I be sure?

Would it be the same when I call your name?

Could I be as free like I used to be?

Couldn't catch up with your mind

You're always leaving me behind

There's sadness in your eyes but I'm the one who cried

The conditions were insane, am I the one to blame

The only thing to do is try to see it through


Repeat 1, 2, chorus 2x

Baby, how can I, Baby, how can I be sure 2x

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