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You Picked A Bad Day Out To Say Goodbye 25 Apr 19

1st verse:]

I see you've packed your junk within that rusty trunk

And it looks like you're going away

I really don't know exactly what to say

I've done the best I could

You know that I've been good

And to think that you're leaving me now

Almost takes my breath away

And I've got to say


You cert'nly picked a bad day out to say goodbye

When meat and groc'ries are mighty high

You had to wait till there were many things to buy

You better take one long last look at your honey

When you leave me

I'm goin' to crawl away and lay right down and die

And when my ghost comes back to you

You're goin' to turn red, white and blue

'Cause you picked this bad day out to say goodbye

[2nd verse:]

If there should come a time when you ain't got a dime

And you come back, remember that then

You're goin'-a walk in, then walk right out again

When you come back to me

Expecting sympathy

I'll have earmuffs on both my ears

When the time comes, you can bet

That I won't forget

Ирвинг Берлинский

You Picked A Bad Day Out To Say Goodbye 25 Apr 19 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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