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Yiddisha Nightingale 7 Oct 1911

1st verse:]

Miss Minnie Rosenstein

Had such a voice so fine

Just like Tetrazzini

Any time that Minnie sang a song

You'd think of real estate seven blocks long

Some song!

Young Mister Abie Cohn used to call to her home

Just to hear her singing

Presents he was bringing

Full of bliss!

One night young Abie proposed to the Miss

Like this!


Yiddisha nightingale, sing me a song

Your voice has got such sweetness that it makes me strong

Yiddisha nightingale, sing me a song

I promise that I'll take you on a long honeymoon

I'd give a dollar to hear you, my queen

I wouldn't give a nickel to hear Tetrazzini

Just to hear your cultivated voice good and strong

I'd serve a year in jail

Yiddisha nightingale

Won't you sing me a song?

[2nd verse:]

Then said young Abie Cohn

"I'm going to buy a home

One that's made of marble

Dear, where you can warble harmony

And I don't care for expenses you see

That's me!

I'll go and learn to play on the piano, say

You'll sing while I'm playing

People will be saying

As they pass

Some class

Ирвинг Берлинский

Yiddisha Nightingale 7 Oct 1911 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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