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When You Play That Piano Bill 16 Mar 1910

1st verse:]

Said Miss Eliza Johnson to William Brown

"Up to my home you I invite

Call around some Sunday night

I'd love to have you play my piano upright"

Said Mister William Brown, "The pleasure is mine

I can assure you lady fair"

He called around next day

And started in to play

Just to hear Eliza declare


When I hear you play that piano so sweet

My blood runs cold way down to my feet

You sure do bring forth music

Like I never heard before

When you start in playing rag by the streak

I could hear you play that box for a week

For it does most anything but speak

When you play that piano, Bill

[2nd verse:]

Said Mister William Brown, "I can't help but blush

Because Miss Lize you flatter so

I only play the worst I know

While at my best to beat me so it must go"

Then Miss Eliza answered, "What's that you say?

You only played the worst you knew!

Sweet William, I can guess how you play at your best

But the worst right now will do

Ирвинг Берлинский

When You Play That Piano Bill 16 Mar 1910 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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