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When It Rains Sweetheart When It Rains 29 Apr 1

1st verse:]

So you want me to say that I love you

In the words of a storybook man

Little girl, what you ask

Is indeed quite a task

Playing hero is more than I can

I'm a stranger with flowery speeches

As a poet I never could learn

All that I ask of you is to love me

This is all I can say in return


I'll make ev'ry Monday a Sunday

I'll cover a wrong with a right

I'll still wear a smile in the morning

The smile that I wore last night

I'll stick when the sunshine has vanish'd

And darkness is all that remains

I'll hold an umbrella up over your head

When it rains, sweetheart, when it rains

[2nd verse:]

If I said that you looked like a princess

Or a queen, I'd be telling you lies

'Cause I never have seen

Any princess or queen

Still I don't think I've cheated my eyes

All the words Mister Webster made famous

With "I love you" they never could start

If the speaker is dead on the level

And the words come from down in his heart

Ирвинг Берлинский

When It Rains Sweetheart When It Rains 29 Apr 1 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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