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Wait Until Your Daddy Comes Home 19 Dec 1912

1st verse:]

Curly headed pickaninny acting gay

He's been bad all day and he won't obey

Talking back to Mammy in a sassy way

Makes her look with much surprise

Mammy starts to holler as a Mammy would

"Won't you please be good as a good boy should?"

But it doesn't seem to do any good

So she finally cries


Wait until your Daddy comes home

Wait until your Daddy comes home

I'll tell him how you've been talking to your Mammy

Since he started to roam

Wait until I tell him the way

You've been misbehaving today

He'll press your pants in a manner nice and fine

Right on the spot where the sun will never shine

Lawdy! How you're going to groan

When your loving Daddy comes home

[2nd verse:]

Curly headed pickaninny jumps about

Sticks his tongue 'way out at his Mammy stout

Steps upon his Mammy's foot, the one with gout

Till it almost broke apart

Mammy lays the pickaninny on her lap

In her hand a strap, ready for the rap

But she hollers as she lays down the strap

"No, I haven't the heart

Ирвинг Берлинский

Wait Until Your Daddy Comes Home 19 Dec 1912 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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