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Someone Just Like You 22 Dec 1909

1st verse:]

Same old moon, same old stars above

Same old couple pining, same old tale of love

Same game, still we must explain

The old, old story must be told

Now to get to their names, we'll call the fellow Joe

We could call him Harry, but Joe rhymes with Flo

Flo, Joe, now their names we know

We'll have them say


Someone just like you, dear

Just like you will do, dear

When I tell you true, dear

Can't you see?

Just your style, your size, dear

Just your smile, your eyes, dear

Someone just like you was meant for

Someone just like me

[2nd verse:]

Same old couple tarried, same old coming spring

Same old couple married, same old wedding ring

Flo, Joe, on thro' life they go

In clover, now the story's over

Ev'ry song and story has a happy two

Couldn't do without them, 'twould be something new

Same tale, never known to fail

When someone sighs

Ирвинг Берлинский

Someone Just Like You 22 Dec 1909 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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