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Some Little Something About You 14 Oct 1909

1st verse:]

I've met lots of girlies who were just my style

Girls whose charms most any boy would share

Girls who captivate you with their roguish smile

Girls you think beyond compare

When I saw the lovelight in your eyes, sweetheart

When you smiled on me so tenderly

Mischief making Cupid pierced me with his dart

Something told me you were meant for me


Some little something about you

Some little something dear

Means I can't live without you

I always want you near

Some hidden charm makes me love you

Something I cannot see

And I know one thing, some little something

Means you're the girl for me

[2nd verse:]

Oft' I've wondered if another boy like me

Thinks there's something sweet about you too

I'll admit it's made me jealous as could be

That's because I love you true

Then again, I thought of what the poets say

"Faint heart never won a lady fair"

So I don't intend to wait another day

There's a cozy home that we can share

Ирвинг Берлинский

Some Little Something About You 14 Oct 1909 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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