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Society Bear 1 Apr 1912

1st verse:]

Millionaires, so the papers tell

Learned a dance that we all know well

Papers say that an extra swell affair

Was given by a millionaire

The rich four hundred, one and all, had gathered there

Strange to say some reporter-men

Happened there with a pad and pen

They wrote down what they saw and when the news

Was printed in the papers people were reading everywhere


Doing that Society Bear

Hetty Green and Rockefeller

Threw their shoulders up in the air

Rocking like a big propeller

Someone cried, "Cuddle up to your Vanderbilt

Wrap me up in a beautiful di'mond quilt"

Mister Schwab was on the job

In a high-toned manner, playing the piano

Morgan cried, "I don't give a care

Let me spend another dollar"

Throwing up his hands in the air

Mister Gould began to holler

"Stocks are going up, going up, going up

Stocks are going up, going up, going up"

So, come on, let's kill that Society Bear

It's a bear, it's a bear

[2nd verse:]

Papers say, ev'rybody there

Laughed out loud when an heiress fair

Kissed John D. where he has no hair at all

Then cunningly began to call

His head her lovin' billiard ball, around the hall

Carnegie did the Turkey Trot

For an hour with a chicken that

Egged him on 'til he 'most forgot to care

A snap about his libr'ry, doing that rich Society Bear

Ирвинг Берлинский

Society Bear 1 Apr 1912 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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