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Snookey Ookums 21 Feb 1913

1st verse]

There's a married couple happily

Living in apartment forty-three

I live right next door

In apartment forty-four

Gee! but they're a mushy he and she

Mushing seems to be their specialty

It would start you walking

If you heard them talking


All day long he calls her

Snooky ookums

Snooky ookums

All they do is talk like babies

She's his jelly elly roll

He's her sugey ugar bowl

Here's the way they bill and coo

Poogy woo, poogy woo, poogy woo

All night long he calls her

Snooky ookums

Snooky ookums

All night long the neighbors shout

"Cut it out! cut it out! cut it out!"

They cry "For goodness sake!

Don't keep us all awake

With your snooky, ookey, ookey baby talk!"

[2nd verse]

If you ever heard their mushy song

If you saw how well they get along

You would bet your life

That they weren't man and wife

He's a little fellow, four foot tall

Weighing just a hundred clothes and all

She's a great big lady

Weighs a hundred eighty

Ирвинг Берлинский

Snookey Ookums 21 Feb 1913 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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