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Sadie Salome Go Home 2 Apr 1909

1st verse:]

Sadie Cohen left her happy home

To become an actress lady

On the stage she soon became the rage

As the only real Salomy baby

When she came to town, her sweetheart Mose

Brought for her around a pretty rose

But he got an awful fright

When his Sadie came to sight

He stood up and yelled with all his might:


Don't do that dance, I tell you Sadie

That's not a bus'ness for a lady!

'Most ev'rybody knows

That I'm your loving Mose

Oy, Oy, Oy, Oy

Where is your clothes?

You better go and get your dresses

Ev'ryone's got the op'ra glasses

Oy! such a sad disgrace

No one looks in your face

Sadie Salome, go home

[2nd verse:]

From the crowd Moses yelled out loud,

"Who put in your head such notions?

You look sweet but jiggle with your feet

Who put in your back such funny motions?

As a singer you was always fine!

Sing to me, 'Because the world is mine!'"

Then the crowd began to roar

Sadie did a new encore

Mose got mad and yelled at her once more

Ирвинг Берлинский

Sadie Salome Go Home 2 Apr 1909 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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