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Play A Simple Melody

original title: "Simple Melody"]

[1st verse:]

The diff'rent lays of nowadays

All set my brain a whirl

They're not the kind of songs they sang

When mother was a girl

Your spoony rags and coony drags

All made my poor heart ache

Bring back the rhymes of olden times

And just for old times sake


Won't you play a simple melody

Like my mother sang to me

One with good old fashioned harmony

Play a simple melody

[2nd verse:]

In days of yore, before the war

When hearts now old were young

At home each night by firelight

Those dear old songs were sung

Sweet melodies, their memories

Around my heart still cling

That's why I long to hear a song

Like mother used to sing

[rag verse:]

I don't care for longhaired musicians

With their classy melodies

They have lots of highbrow ambitions

But their music doesn't please

Give me something snappy and popular

The kind that darkies play

Lots of rhythm

And I go with 'em

That's why I say

[rag chorus:]

Musical Demon

Set your honey a-dreamin'

Won't you play me some rag

Just change that classical nag

To some sweet beautiful drag

If you will play from a copy

Of a tune that is choppy

You'll get all my applause

And that is simply because

I want to listen to rag

Ирвинг Берлинский

Play A Simple Melody / Ирвинг Берлинский

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