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Oh What I Know About You 2 July 1909

By Jos. H. McKeon, Harry M. Piano, W. Raymond Walker", with lyrics

rewritten by an uncredited Irving Berlin.]

[1st verse:]

Now sweet Flo and Joe with lights burning low

Sat spooning as all lovers do

Her wee sister Rose

Stood up on her toes

And eagerly kept peeping through

Oh my, oh what bliss

She soon heard them kiss

As he gently called her "my dear"

The very next day

When Flo came her way

She whispered these words in her ear:


Oh! what I know about you

Oh! what I know about you

Don't say you didn't 'cause I overheard

Honest to goodness, I won't say a word

Oh! what I know about you

Something that I wouldn't do

Far be it from me

To repeat what I see

But, oh! what I know about you

[2nd verse:]

Next evening when Joe called 'round to see Flo

He found little Rose all alone

In her cunning way

He soon heard her say

"My sister said she's not at home"

Her face wore a grin

She said, "Please come in"

Poor Joseph, oh my, what he saw

There sat pretty Flo

With her other beau

Rose cried to her sister once more

Ирвинг Берлинский

Oh What I Know About You 2 July 1909 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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