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Next To Your Mother Who Do You Love 26 Oct 1909

1st verse:]

Two loving sweethearts 'mid flowers in Maytime

Two happy faces like children in playtime

Two eyes of blue, gazing into

Eyes of her own sweetheart

One cozy bench holds the couple within it

Hours that passed only seemed like a minute

Sweet maiden sighs

Fellow replies

"Tell me before we part"


Next to your mother, who do you love?

Next to your father, and your sister Sue

Tell me who looks good to you

Next to your mother, who would you miss?

Next to your brother, who would you kiss?

Next to your own dear folks at home

Tell me, now who do you love?

[2nd verse:]

Five cozy rooms in a flat in the city

One baby boy cute and cunning and pretty

Parson had said

"You two are wed

Bless you my children, go"

"Come spend a week," so she wrote to her mother

Mother replies, "I am bringing your brother"

Husband remarks

"Me for the parks

But first I want to know

Ирвинг Берлинский

Next To Your Mother Who Do You Love 26 Oct 1909 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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