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My Sweet Italian Man 31 Oct 1912

1st verse:]

Pretty Annetta, she feel on the bum

She call da doctor and when he's-a come

Right away da doctor look and say

"I think Annetta's gonna die"

Pretty Annetta, she make-a da plea

"Bring-a my sweet-a-heart, Tony, to me"

She keep mum but when her Tony come

Pretty Annetta she cry


My sweet Italian man

I'm a sick, I'm a sick, love-a me much-a quick

Come here and squeeze-a my hand

Say you love me, wop-a

Like you love your barber shop-a

Don't you wait

If I die, it's gonna be too late

So you just betta come and pet-a your Annetta while you can

My Italian man

[2nd verse:]

Tony, he make-a da spoon wid Annette

It make her feel-a much better, you bet

Twenty time he kiss her nice-a fine

Then Miss Annetta, she was well

Tony, he sell-a da pick and da shov'

He got no time to work, he's gotta love

Ev'ry week Annetta she get sick

And to her Tony she yell

Ирвинг Берлинский

My Sweet Italian Man 31 Oct 1912 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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