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My Sweet Italian Gal 21 Feb 1913

Copyrighted title is "My Sweet Italian Man"]

[1st verse:]

Upon the day I take the steam-a ship

And sail across the sea

I make-a much-a grieve because I leave

The girl I love in Italy

You talk about your nice fine sweet-a gal

They don't come one, two, three

With the first-class gal I leave in Italy


My sweet Italian gal

She love her Italian fell'

And when she love me well

I feel like I can't tell

And say, she's got one great big heart

Like-a push-a cart

Just for her, I'd go and put my pick and shove' in hock

I'd jump into the river and I swim-a like a rock

That's how much I love my Italian gal

[2nd verse:]

If I would meet a nice kind fairy queen

Who'd give my wish to me

You bet your life, I'd wish to be a fish

And swim right back to Italy

Because the gal I love is over there

And waiting patiently

'Cause she needs me there to help her raise a family

Ирвинг Берлинский

My Sweet Italian Gal 21 Feb 1913 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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