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Meet Me To Night 12 Dec 1911

1st verse:]

Molly's dad and mother

Sister and her brother

Went to see an uncle

Leaving Molly all alone

Molly on her own hook

Took the telephone book

Soon Miss Central heard this conversation o'er the phone

"Now Charlie, dear, I need your company

And if you want to prove your love to me


Meet me tonight, meet me tonight

Bring down your kisses, I'll be there with mine all right

We'll start out at seven, spoon until eleven

Then we'll start for "Home Sweet Home's" a pretty ditty

Meet me tonight, meet me tonight

Don't disappoint me, honor bright

Love and kisses we'll be pawning

Till the yawning, dawning, morning

If you meet me tonight

[2nd verse:]

Charlie met Miss Molly

They got feeling jolly

Talked a while, then walked a mile

Then had another talk

They grew tired of talking

They grew tired of walking

Then to make things lively, for a change they took a walk

That morning when he left her at the door

She whisper'd, "If you'd like to walk some more

Ирвинг Берлинский

Meet Me To Night 12 Dec 1911 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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