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Lead Me To That Beautiful Band 18 Apr 1912

By E. Ray Goetz and Irving Berlin".]

[1st verse:]

Dear, lend an ear to the finest music in the land

You'd better hurry and take a hand

I want to linger beside that grandstand band, and

Hon', better run, just because I hear them tuning up

I'm kind of hungry myself, but we'll be late

So please don't wait to sup

Oh, hurry up!

I just kind of think that I'd rather drink

From a musical cup


Just hear that slide trombone a-blowin' for me

Just hear those sweet cornets all goin' for me

Hear the piccoloer pick a melody

See the clarionetter clarionetting me

Hear that cello moan, moan

Say what you may, but the way he plays that violin

Shows when he bows that he knows he throws his feelings in

Come, come

Honey, they're goin' some

Drum, drum

Lead me, lead me to that beautiful band

[2nd verse:]

Dear, it's a year since you took your baby to a show

I'm not complaining a bit, oh no!

I'm only telling you that you're oh, so slow, beau

I'm worth a dime, so come on, don't worry 'bout the fare

We'll take some dinner along in first class style

And eat it while we're there

I'll eat my share

You'll be there all right with an appetite

Like a grizzly bear

Ирвинг Берлинский

Lead Me To That Beautiful Band 18 Apr 1912 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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