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Ki I Youdleing Dog The 4 Apr 1913

1st verse:]

I've got a cute little four-legged male

Cute litle ears and a cute little tail

He's got a beaut of a cute little wail

Ki-I-Youdle, that poodle

Sings doggie words to a dog melody

Warbles "away" all the day willingly

I've grown attached to his dog harmony

He made a hit with me


With his Ki-I-I-I-You-oodle You-oodle

That Ki-I-Youdleing Dog

He'll go off his noo-oodle noo-oodle


Morning, noon and night he's around running loose

Singing like a four-legged Mister Carouse

Ki-I-I-I he's a wonderful

Ki-I-I-Youdleing Dog

[2nd verse:]

Talk of your Melbas and singers of choice

Talk of your voices that make you rejoice

They don't compare with my pet's little voice

You could pawn it, dog gone it

Queen Tetrazine sings as high as could be

I've heard that she hits a "C" easily

My little pet sings his dog melody

Ten notes above high "C

Ирвинг Берлинский

Ki I Youdleing Dog The 4 Apr 1913 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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