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Loving You Still

Fell in love and everything that I wanted what a life for me now a thing don't mean a thing since we've parted meant the world to me and though my heart's still beatin' when will I breathe again and when will someone wake me from this awful dream I'm in
If you could see the way I live my life if you could see the way I cry at night if you could understand the reasons why that I'm loving you still if you could hear me when I call your name you gotta know it's driving me insane you know I'll never ever love again 'cause I'm loving you still

I had someone watch over me my protector kept me safe and warm I had someone makin' love to me I thought forever but forever now is gone so I spend my days pretending I spend my nights alone

I've never missed somebody so I've never loved so long

Repeat chorus

And now that you've gone away lord knows that I must pray that we will meet again but until then

Repeat chorus

Тамиа Рене Вашингтон

Loving You Still / Тамиа Рене Вашингтон

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