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Falling for You

Could I be falling for you is this a fantasy come true is this a dream that I waited for am I the one that you adore
Oh oo oh ooo I think I'm falling for you oh oo oh oo oh what am I supposed to do cause you make me feel like I'm falling in love am I falling for you

Verse 1
Could it be love tell me boy is it true I get a rush when I think about you lose control of my body and my soul and when you hold me I don't wanna let go you give me reason every reason just to love you babe everything that you do is so amazing I can't believe what your body makes me wanna do I'm having visions of me all over you


You must've known though I tried to disguise the way I feel was there fire in my eyes on that night when our bodies intertwined knew right then and there that you would be mine

Hook chorus

Everyday you seem to find a way to make me go crazy I just can't understand but let me tell you one thing you make me wanna say

Тамиа Рене Вашингтон

Falling for You / Тамиа Рене Вашингтон

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