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Follow Me Around 13 Nov 1912

1st verse:]

Tell me, dear, would you like to see the town a bit?

Would you like to go around?

If you'd care to be where there's a whole lot doin'

Then you better come down

Let's go down to where ev'rybody's doin' it

Where they never wear a frown

You will have a ton full of fun, little hon'

If you follow me around


Follow me around, all around, all around

Chasing, racing all around the town

Don't you make a sound, make a sound, make a sound

And you'll be glad before the night is over

That you followed me around, all around, all around

We will cover lots of ground

I've got the key to most ev'ry cabaret

Where there's an hour of joy we can grab away

We'll discover places that Columbus never found

Dearie, if you follow me around

[2nd verse:]

Let's go where ev'rybody makes a night of it

Where they've thrown away the key

Where a stein full of wine starts your head a-buzzin'

Like a troublesome bee

Rest assured, ever since I got the sight of it

There I always want to be

Let me tell you, pet, that I've yet to regret

So you better follow me

Ирвинг Берлинский

Follow Me Around 13 Nov 1912 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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