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Down To The Folies Bergere 24 Apr 1911

Words and music by Vincent Bryan, Irving Berlin and Ted Snyder".]

[1st verse:]

Why do they rave about beautiful France

Where the wine flows and the maidens entrance

Why go to Berlin, Vienna or Rome

We can enjoy all their joys here at home

In old New York up at Long Acre Square

Turn 'round the corner, you'll find yourself there

Millions of miles from all trouble and care

Two doors from Heaven the Folies Bergere


Down, down, down, down, down to the Folies Bergere

Order a Taxi, a cab or a car

Go where the girlies sing oo la, la

Girls, boys, joys, noise, laughter and music all there

Ask me where? Where? Where?

Down to the Folies Bergere

[2nd verse:]

Why do they sing of the Rathskeller's joys

Who go to places just meant for the boys

We'll get the girls and we'll bring them along

Down to the folies, they'll see nothing wrong

Bring down your sweetheart and give her a seat

If your wife's there get a gallery seat

Then if your wife and your sweetheart should meet

Thirty-two exits lead out to the street

Ирвинг Берлинский

Down To The Folies Bergere 24 Apr 1911 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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