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Dorando 11 Mar 1909

1st verse:]

I feel-a much-a bad like anything

All the night I nunga canna sleep

It's a my pizon Pasquale

He say we take da car

And see Dorando race a-"Long-a-ship"

Just like the sport, I sell da barbershop

And make da bet Dorando he's a win

Then to Madees-a Square

Pasquale and me go there

And just-a like-a dat, da race begin


Dorando! Dorando!

He run-a, run-a, run-a, run like anything

One-a, two-a hundred times around da ring

I cry, "Please-a nunga stop!"

Just then, Dorando he's a drop!

Goodbye poor old barber shop

It's no fun to lose da mon

When de son-of-a-gun no run


He's a good for not!

[2nd verse:]

Dorando, he's a come around next day

Say, "Gentlemen, I wanna tell-a you

It's a one-a bigga shame

I forgot da man's a-name

Who make me eat da Irish beef-a stew

I ask-a him to give me da spaghett

I know it make me run a-quick-a-quick

But I eat da beef-a stew

And now I tell-a you

Just like da pipps it make me very sick

Ирвинг Берлинский

Dorando 11 Mar 1909 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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