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Dog Gone That Chilly Man 30 Sep 1911

1st verse:]

Did you ever fall in love with a bonehead

A stoneheaded man

A man who doesn't know that the lights a-burning low

Mean he should be most loveable

That's the very kind of a man I'm in love with

A dove with no heart

When he should hug, snug like a bug within a rug

That's the time he wants to part


Dog gone that chilly man of mine

Overboard I'd shove him

Just because he made me love him

Dog gone that chilly man of mine

He's as cold a lover as the pole that Cook discovered

Dog gone that icy man of mine

With a heart just like a fan

For when I'm all fussed up for an ever lovin' spoon

He's out in the garden making faces at the moon

And I sigh and I cry

Dog gone that chilly man

[2nd verse:]

When your heart is jumping up to your collar

You holler for love

And that's the time a man should be doing all he can

To love his gal most beautiful

When I ask him for a kiss on his call-days

He'd always refuse

What would you think of any man who talks of love

While he reads the daily news

Ирвинг Берлинский

Dog Gone That Chilly Man 30 Sep 1911 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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