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Me And The Boys

Me and the boys wanna dance and score
There is a monkey suit across the door
You ain't coming in now with your crazy crowd
Oh no there ain't no jeans allowed


Yeh hey we're going on the town
Me and the boys are gonna wear you down
Yeh hey we're going on our way
Me and the boys we we're doing O.K.

Down at the Raj we can all perspire
The Vindaloo kid has got his jeans on fire
Curry and lager are the spice of life
Next day they're gonna give me strife

Chorus R E P E A T

Me and the boys well we got no doubt
You're never too old to be a gadabout
Can't take em anywhere they cause a ruck
Oh no they never will grow up

Chorus R E P E A T

There in your jeans you know have cost the earth
You ain't coming in its more than my jobs worth
Look at the kid now with his shirt tail out
Oh no you wanna hear them shout

Chorus R E P E A T


Me And The Boys / Slade

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