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Come Back To Me My Melody 27 Sep 1912

1st verse:]

A man composed a sweet melody

One Summer's night in June

And he played that pretty tune

Till he learned to love it soon

He ne'er wrote down that sweet melody

And very strange, one day

He found that pretty melody

Had vanished from his memory

He cried as he tried to recall that tune

Then sang to it tenderly


Come back to me, my melody

Come back to where you ought to be

I want you, don't you understand?

Locked up in my baby grand

Just where I can lay my hand on thee

Oh! I miss you so

More than you may know

Don't you know it's very wrong

To be where you don't belong?

Oh! please come back to me, my melody

[2nd verse:]

The man who wrote that sweet melody

Tried to recall the strain

But it ne'er came back again

So he gave it up in vain

One night he heard an orchestra play

Strains of a sweet refrain

He recognized his melody

Although they changed it cleverly

He ran to the man and he loudly cried

"That music belongs to me

Ирвинг Берлинский

Come Back To Me My Melody 27 Sep 1912 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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