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Colored Romeo 14 Sep 1910

1st verse:]

Last winter Liza Snow

Picked up a book called Romeo

She read a page or so

Then hunted for a man

Soon she was dreaming of

A beau who cooed just like a dove

A man who sho' could love

Like a Romeo can

She wandered out one night

Beneath the pale moonlight

And sang with all her might

This ancient cry


Where art thou, Romeo

My colored Romeo

The balcony wants to see he and she, you and me

Come out and pet your colored Juliet

Don't linger, do it now

Come kiss my fevered brow

Shakespear's love come and show me, colored Romeo

[2nd verse:]

Miss Liza's father Joe

Did not approve of Romeo

But Liza loved him so

They ran off in a car

They made a mile or three

In almost nothing, don't you see

The auto struck a tree

Then they didn't go far

Miss Liza from the ground

Kept gazing all around

Her beau could not be found

So Liza cried

Ирвинг Берлинский

Colored Romeo 14 Sep 1910 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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