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Who Do You Tell?

There you were in a crowded room with someone at least I assumed how did I know I would fall in love with you so soon
Just one look in your eyes and I see the truth and I try hard to hide that I'm made for you but I know deep inside things that we could do just as long as we're together but

Who do you tell when you love someone hoping that someone's in love with you who do you tell when you love someone I think I might as well tell you

I can't believe that I feel this way there is so much that I want to say I wanna touch you hold you feel you please you as we're making love all through the night we would talk to each other we would laugh and play we would claim it's forever every night and day we would share every minute 'til the test of time in my mind


I've hesitated so many times and I won't let you slip away from me no I know you're for me and me for you but I don't know what to say or to do so now that we're together I'm telling you

Chorus repeat

Тамиа Рене Вашингтон

Who Do You Tell? / Тамиа Рене Вашингтон

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