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Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon 23 Apr 1910

1st verse:]

Nellie Green met Harry Lee

At a masquerade the other night

He liked she and she liked he

Just a case of love at single sight

He took Nellie home that eve

Also took the number of her phone

Just before he took his leave

Nellie whispered in the cutest tone


Call me up some rainy afternoon

I'll arrange for a quiet little spoon

Think of all the joy and bliss

We can hug and we can talk about the weather

We can have a quiet little talk

I will see that my mother takes a walk

Mum's the word when we meet

Be a mason, don't repeat

Angel eyes, are you wise?


[2nd verse:]

He look'd wise, then looked for rain

Sure enough it rained that Saturday

"Give me three, four, five, six Main

Nellie dear, prepare I'm on my way"

When he rang the front door bell

No one there responded to his call

Soon he heard his pretty Nell

Singing to somebody in the hall

[2nd chorus:]

Call me up some rainy afternoon

Then again how's the evening for a spoon

Call around tomorrow night

We can then put out that fire in the furnace

My mama will sure be out of town

She'll be entertained by Mister Brown

My Papa won't be 'round, he will call on Missus Brown

Angel pet, don't forget


Ирвинг Берлинский

Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon 23 Apr 1910 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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