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Business Is Business 21 Apr 1911

1st verse:]

Abie Bloom loved Miss Rosie Cohen

Abie as a bus'ness man was in a class alone

Rosie's family were satisfied

Abie owned a clothing store, a bus'ness man

Ev'ry month Rosie's father Mose

Walked in Abie's clothing store and took a suit of clothes

One day Abie drew Rosie near

And whispered these words in her ear:


Bus'ness is bus'ness, Miss Rosie Cohen

I've got to pay for ev'rything I own

Seven suits of clothes your father took out from my store

All he says is "Charge it to my future son-in-law"

Tell your expensive father C.O.D.

Don't mean, "Come on down to my store"


Ev'ry little dollar carries int'rest all it's own

Bus'ness is bus'ness, Rosie Cohen!

[2nd verse:]

Abie said, "Listen Rosie dear

Ev'ry month a suit means just a dozen suits a year

Seven years and then your father Mose

He will have enough to start a clothing store

Then again, father is no fool

He can tell a cotton suit from one that's made of wool

Since I fell in love with you Rose

Your father is so hard on clothes

Ирвинг Берлинский

Business Is Business 21 Apr 1911 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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