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Bring Back My Lena To Me 20 Oct 1910

1st verse:]

You know how you feel when your rich Uncle dies

And leaves you a lot and a house?

Well, that's how I felt when I first met Miss Lena

Sweet little neat Lena Kraus

I just hate to think how she came in my life

Like a landlord what comes for the rent

The rent was my heart when she took it apart

Just how she came she went


Oh, when I think of my Lena

My face turns so white just like starch

The hand organs play pretty love songs all day

But to me it's just plain fun'ral march

It's bad to be sad, to be glad when you're sad

Can't be did as you all must agree

If you feel like I feel and you hear my appeal

Oh! bring back my Lena to me

[2nd verse:]

I cry when I think what a woman she was

What cost dollars she bought for a cent

When she broke a glass why it wouldn't be broke

Ach! no, it would only be bent

To cry over milk that's been spilt isn't good

But the feeling that I'm feeling now

It wasn't just one glass of milk that I spilt

When Lena went, then went the cow


Oh, when I think of my Lena

I think of a girl who could cook

Some sweet sauerkraut that would swim in your mouth

Like the fishes that swim in the brook

When I think of a meal that was real I just feel

Like a ship with no sail on the sea

There's no tears in my eyes, but my appetite cries

Oh! bring back my Lena to me

Ирвинг Берлинский

Bring Back My Lena To Me 20 Oct 1910 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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